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dish about the great food you've eaten today! pictures are appreciated!

the only rule is that you must include "today i ate" in each entry. also, please respect general rules of grammar and spelling.

archives of recipes and photographs can be found in our memories.
almonds, anago, artichokes, avocados, bacon, bagels, basmati rice, beef jerky, biscuits, black bean sauce, blood oranges, boeuf bourgignon, brie, brownies, butter, cambozola with honey, camembert, candy corn, cantal, caramel, caramelized onions, carrot cake, cashews, caviar, cheese, cheeseburgers, chili, chocolate milk, churros, chutney, chèvre, cinnamon toast, coconut milk, confit de canard, cookies and milk, corn chowder, couscous, cranberry juice, creamed corn, crepes, crème brûlée, cupcakes, dole pineapple whip, dr. pepper, eggplant, eggrolls, eggs florentine, espresso con panna, fajitas, falafel, flamin' hot cheetos, focaccia, foie gras, fresh pineapple, friulano, garlic, garlic bread, gelato, gnocchi, grapefruit, green curry, green tea, grenadine, grilled cheese, gruel, gruyère, gummi peach rings, hawaiian burgers, heirloom tomatoes, honey poppy seed dressing, hot and sour soup, jalapeno poppers, jello pudding pops, kimchi, leeks, lemonade, lentils, lobster, lychees, macaroni & cheese, mangos, mashed potatoes, milkshakes, mixed tomato cobbler, nachos, neng myun, new england clam chowder, nutella, nyc cheese pizza, olive oil, olives, omelettes, pad thai, pain au chocolat, pancakes, paninis, pea soup, peanut butter, pie, pink lady apples, pink's, pistachios, pomegranate, popcorn, potato pancakes, rainbow chip frosting, ramen, rice cakes, roasted red peppers, rutabaga, s'mores, sag paneer, sauerkraut, sausages, scones, shrimp, smoothies, spanakopita, squash soup, strudels, sun dried tomatoes, sushi, tapas, taro bubble tea, tartines, tempeh, tempura, the counter, tiramisu, tofu, truffles, tuna, vanilla latte, vol au vent, waffles, white chocolate macadamia cookies, white chocolate mocha, wine, yams, yorkshire pudding