rock paper scissors

today I ate

  • two slices with bread. Cheese, tomato and pepper. Tea with honey
  • potatoes, corn schnitzel, cottage cheese and water
  • rusk with cheese and cold blueberry soup
  • ecological mince with vegetables and bread
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    thirsty thirsty

Today I ate..

Breakfast - Ryvita with Philly cream cheese
Lunch - Chicken Snack Wrap from McDonalds
Dinner - Giant mushroom with ham, tomato and cheese with 2 potato rostis
Snacks - 4 mini sausage rolls, 1 organic peach yogurt, KitKat Chunky, Cake


today I ate

breakfast: white bread with butter and cheese, tea
lunch: cabbage soup, water
snack: (
Spelt)sponge cake and fruit sallad
dinner: vegetarian pizza, coka cola
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    sleepy sleepy