Hot wheat cereal! (maozed) wrote in today_i_ate,
Hot wheat cereal!

Today I ate yummy salad.

I had this Asian salad at school the other day and it was pretty good, but they don't usually have it. So I decided I'd make it myself.

Ingredients (enough for making multiple salads):
1 head white cabbage, shredded
1 bag frozen edamame (The package had directions for microwaving or boiling. I found that boiling worked much better.)
2-3 cups shredded carrots (You can buy carrots already shredded or just cut up some carrots you already have like I did)
1-2 pkgs. tofu, cubed (I used Soy Deli brand Honey Sesame baked tofu, which is sold in the fake deli meats section - I cooked it in a little oil and soy sauce, but you can eat it as is; plain tofu would be okay too if you're into that kind of thing)
Soba noodles (I found these sold in three packs with the tofu in the refrigerated section)
Asian dressing (I got Litehouse fat free sesame ginger dressing, also from the refrigerated section)

Add as much as you like of each ingredient. The way I had it at school had the soba noodles on the bottom, followed by the cabbage, with the rest of the things in the corners for easy removal. I liked it all. I did find that the frozen edamame I bought didn't taste as good as the ones in the salad I ate school, but I can't really explain that one.
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